Freelance Writing Service

I write articles and blog posts from 300 to 1500 words. Additionally, I can create gift guides and roundup type posts for your blog.

Contact me to discuss rates and turnaround times.

Facebook Services

Monthly FB Management

$200 per month

3 FB Posts x 7 Days Per Week
-Content posted three times per day, 7 days a week to Facebook 

Daily content will include:

  • 1 engagement post (meme, poll, engagement question, etc)
  • 1 viral post
  • 1 promotion of company products

All content is specifically curated for your company niche

Pinterest Services

Monthly Pinning Schedule

$145 per month

  • Monthly Scheduling of 10-20 pins per day to tribes, boards and group boards
  • Weekly Analytics Updates

Pinterest Account Management

$320 per month

The following tasks are completed each month

  • Scheduling 25-30 pins per day to tribes, boards and loops
  • Board cleanup and creation with keyword rich descriptions.
  • Following up to 5 new relevant influencers and researching and joining 2-5 new tribes. 
  • Weekly Analytics Updates

Custom Pin Creations

  • Custom pin creations using keyword-rich descriptions and trending, relevant hashtags – Sold in batch orders:
    • 10 pins  = $50
    • 25 pins =  $75