Abiqua Falls: 7 Facts About This Hidden Gem in Oregon

Abiqua falls

Do you love waterfalls and hidden natural gems in nature? Then you are going to absolutely fall in love with Abiqua Falls. Abiqua Falls is a beautiful 92-foot waterfall located near the town of Scotts Mills in Oregon. Abiqua is one of the many scenic waterfalls that can be found in the Pacific Northwest region. For those who have done much hiking in this great state, you know that we are blessed with so many beautiful falls here! This is a popular hike for people to post on social media, but before you take off for this adventure, it’s important that you know a few things before you head out to explore this beautiful waterfall.

Since you are already in the area, don’t forget to check out Silver Falls State Park. Silver Falls is often considered to be Oregon’s best state park (The Trail of Ten Falls is a must-visit). These two destinations are only 4 miles apart as the crow flies, it will take you about 45 minutes to drive between the two. There is also Butte Creek Falls just up the road from Abiqua Falls and an easy hike to get there! It might be a long day chasing waterfalls if you tackle them all, but I assure you, it is worth it to get a chance to see these hidden and not so hidden gems! 

Abiqua Falls: 7 Facts About This Hidden Gem in Oregon

abiqua falls

It’s Tricky to Get To Abiqua Falls

Be sure and download some offline maps on how to get to the trailhead, because you will lose phone service along the way. Google Maps isn’t always going to show up for you. There are a few signs along the way, but it really is difficult to find the unmarked road without a map handy, and many people get lost along the way. 

Abiqua Falls is on Private Land

Abiqua Falls is on private land, which is owned by Mt. Angel Abbey. Mt. Angel Abbey is kind enough to allow public access to this waterfall to share such as beautiful gem with the public. While I also believe that it is important to follow the leave-no-trace way of exploring nature, this is especially true when you are hiking on private property. It’s important to respect the property in order for the access to continue. Do not litter, go off trail or pass any locked gate you may see. 

Mount Angel Abbey is a wonderful destination in itself to visit, if you find yourself looking for unique things to do in the area. 

You Will Need a High Clearance Vehicle

Unless you want to add an extra 3.5 (ish) miles to your hike, you will need a high-clearance or 4 wd vehicle. This is required to traverse the bumpy road that leads to the Abiqua Falls Trailhead and parking area. We always take our pickup or our jeep when we go to visit this awesome waterfall. If you take a regular passenger vehicle, you will have to park much closer to the road and hike down the rocky road in order to get to the trail head. 

I also recommend that whoever is behind the wheel on this adventure feel comfortable in their driving skills, because this one is not an easy road to travel. I’m not saying this because it’s a dirt road or a gravel road, cars will get stuck in the rocks and massive potholes along this drive. 

​It’s Not an Easy Hike

Okay, so this hike is only 1.4 miles round trip, which would typically be considered an easy or moderate hike. That being said, it isn’t exactly easy. Parts of this hike require the use of a rope on a steep slope and walking through the river. I would certainly put it on a higher difficulty level scale. 

Additionally, you might find yourself hiking over a series of moss-covered rocks. The trail can also get muddy if you visit in wet weather or during the winter months. 

You are Rewarded with An Absolutely Breathtaking Waterfall at The End

abiqua falls side view

Once you round the corner at the end of the trail, you truly are going to be rewarded with a stunning waterfall that will take your breath away. I will never forget my first hike to Abiqua. I have been here at least 5 times and it continues to be one of my favorite waterfall trails. 

You Must Bring a Camera Along

Okay, this is not a hard and fast rule (obviously). Abiqua is truly is one of the most unique waterfalls in all of Oregon. I’ve seen it called quintessential pacific northwest scenery. Nature lovers and photography lovers alike can agree that Abiqua is one of Oregon’s most scenic waterfalls.

Bring your favorite camera or use your phone for the best shots.

abiqua falls

There is No Best Time to Visit Abiqua Falls

As I mentioned earlier, I have visited Abiqua Falls quite a few times. I have visited the falls during every season of the year. We even visited on New Year’s Day once which was cold and icy and slippery and absolutely stunning. I would definitely recommend visiting in late spring, or early summer for the best waterfall views. Though there’s never a time of year when it isn’t beautiful. 

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