Who we are

As our tagline suggests, we are a Pacific Northwest based family of 5.  Mom and Dad got married WAY back in the 90s and in 2004 welcomed a beautiful little girl, followed 3 years later by our first son.  Then for years kept having this same conversation over and over again, the “maybe we should have one more kid” conversation.  Well, we decided to go for it and welcomed a 2nd son in 2016.  He is such an amazing part of our family that we couldn’t imagine not being where we are today, in our 40s chasing around the most energetic toddler you have ever seen.  It’s exhausting, but amazing.

Mom has always been a money-saving ninja, but instead of finding cheap groceries, and clearance priced clothing (although I do still do that), I really like to dedicate my thriftiness toward activities and adventures.    We are exploring life one thrifty adventure at a time.

Welcome to our busy, chaotic, fun mess!  We are happy you could join us.