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Want to save time cooking on your next camping trip? Bring your Instant Pot and make these camping pressure cooker recipes!

camping pressure cooker recipe collage

Do you know what I love the most about camping at improved campgrounds? Okay, actually I have two favorite things. The power and the water. I enjoy being able to clean up before and after cooking (water) and I love having power available for cooking purposes. Sure, we use our grill and our camp stove a lot of the time when we are camping, however, I love having the ability to to plug in my coffee pot and other kitchen tools. Specifically, my pressure cooker / Instant Pot. It’s just so nice and convenient to set it and forget it when it comes to meals while we are out exploring and having fun in the great outdoors. If you are ready to take camping to the next level, pack up your electric pressure cooker and check out this amazing list of camping pressure cooker recipes. We have been using our pressure cooker while camping since we first tried it last year and it’s been awesome!

Whether we are talking about camping kitchens in motor homes, travel trailers or just the outdoor kitchen you have outside of your tent, you can make delicious meals at your campsite! Just make sure that you set up your kitchen near the available electrical outlets. We always use our 6-quart instant pot while camping and it’s great because it takes us so much less time than when we cook our camping dinners in the dutch oven like we used to do.

Camping Pressure Cooker Recipes

Camping pressure cooker recipes

Meal time at camp can be a lot of work, whether you have a small family or a large one. Pressure cooking some of your meals on your camping trip has quite a few benefits. Here is just a small list of the benefits of bringing your Instant Pot along with you:

  • Less cook time
  • You use less water
  • You can make quick meals
  • You can make a lot of food
  • You can avoid spending too much time with meal prep
  • You can easily make healthy meals

What is the Best Pressure Cooker for these Camping Recipes?

My first pressure cooker was an Instant Pot, and that is still what I use. I tend to get overwhelmed by new kitchen appliances with lots of features, so sticking to the same brand is, for me, the easiest way to go. The one we have for home use is a larger model, but we have found that the 6-quart size is perfect for our camping trips. I think that any similar pressure cooker would work just fine for these camping recipes. I recommend making sure that the pressure cooker you purchase has the stainless steel inner pot.

If you happen to be more into primitive camping, you can still prepare these meals using an afghan kazan pressure cooker. The afghan pressure cooker is unique in that you can use it over an open fire.

I know some people who use Prestige Cookers while they are camping too.

What Cooking Method is Best for Camping?

The cooking method that is best for camping is hands down whatever you want it to be. In addition to using our Instant Pot, we love using our Blackstone grill for camping, we have a few recipes that we love cooking straight on the open flame and we even break out our small camp stove for a few things. 

Great Pressure Cooker Camping Lunch and Dinner Recipes

Instant Pot BBQ Chicken

This Instant Pot BBQ Chicken is a great lunch/dinner option for camping. It takes less than 10 minutes to cook and it’s great for sandwiches! Handheld meals are great during camping trips and knowing that I can just scoop some of this delicious chicken onto a bun or some bread and everyone is happy! I love an easy finished dish like this!

Instant Pot Mac & Cheese

What kids don’t love mac and cheese, am I right? My six year old loves mac and cheese and he was so excited the last time we enjoyed it while camping. Start to finish this recipe takes less than a half an hour! Perfect for busy nights at camp.

Chicken Bacon Ranch Sandwiches

Oooohhh, another delicious sandwich recipe for your camping trip! These Chicken Bacon Ranch Sandwiches look delicious!

How to Boil Potatoes

Okay, so this isn’t really a typical recipe, but potatoes are often a camping must-have so this is a great tutorial to have on hand before you head to camp.

Vegan Chili

I feel like you can’t have a list of camping recipes without including a chili recipe. For my vegan friends, and non vegan friends alike, this Chili recipe is delicious!

Instant Pot Barbeque Beef

This Instant Pot Barbeque Beef is another great recipe that is perfect for making awesome sandwiches at camp. I love these recipes because they are easy to prep, quick to cook and the family can come and go, filling their sandwich bread as they wish.

Instant Pot Spinach Artichoke Dip

Want to hear something weird about me? The only times I have ever had spinach dip are during camping trips. I don’t know why. A friend brought some spinach dip with her on a camping trip that we went on years ago and it was my first time trying it. I loved it. Ever since then, I make and bring spinach dip along with me on every single camping trip we make. Never at home though. Strange, right? This Instant Pot Spinach Artichoke dip is one of my favorites.

Instant Pot Potato Salad

Potato salad is another recipe that I always cook when we go camping, but rarely cook at home. I don’t know why this is, but this is definitely a staple in our camping recipe list.

Instant Pot Bacon

You are going to love making Instant Pot Bacon! It is super easy, it creates much less mess than normal, which is awesome since you are cooking at camp and not at home next to your sink for easy cleanup. 

Instant Pot Corn on the Cob

Love corn on the cob by the campfire? This is a great way to prepare it! It comes out bursting with flavor.

Baked Beans

I feel like every cowboy movie I ever watched featured people sitting around the campfire eating baked beans? Now you can too!

Carne Asada Tacos

Taco night at camp? Yes, please! These carne asada tacos look delicious!

Instant Pot Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cake

Want to blow everyone’s mind on your next camping trip? Bake them a cake!! That’s right. You can make a cake in the Instant Pot. Did you know that?! This Instant Pot Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cake is delicious and ridiculously easy to make!

We almost always go camping for my son’s birthday in mid summer so I’m going to keep this recipe handy for that trip this year.

Baby Back Ribs

Okay, I’m going to be honest here. I feel like ribs would be way too messy for a camping trip (at least with my family haha), but they do happen to be the favorite of my husband and two teens so I’m going to be making this Baby Back Ribs recipe during this year’s camping adventures.

Pulled Pork Sliders

Pulled pork sliders are the ultimate camping food! We always end up with leftovers too so we like to save them for lunch the next day. 

Tips for These Pressure Cooker Camping Recipes

All of these recipes are pretty easy to make, but following a couple of tips will help to make sure you get to enjoy a great meal at camp!

Follow The Cooking Time of Your Recipe

If you are anything like me, time doesn’t really work the same at camp. For this reason it’s important to make sure you follow the recommended cooking time and other specific instructions in your recipe. (I often forget to set timers when I’m out in the great outdoors)

Food Sometimes Cooks Differently at Higher Altitudes

Are you camping in the mountains? Higher altitudes can affect cook time and and the affects of the high pressure on your recipes. I found this great guide to adjusting when you are using a pressure cooker at higher altitudes.

Prep Your Meals at Home Before You Leave

Before you head out for camp, prep your meals ahead of time. Store the prepared ingredients in an airtight container or in zip lock bags in the cooler until you are ready to toss them in the pressure cooker.

Confirm That You Have a Tightly Screwed Lid

If your lid isn’t secured properly, your machine will have a hard time building up the necessary steam to cook your food properly.

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