Easy Strawberry Sundae

This delicious dessert will be a wonderful treat to cure your sweet tooth, plus when the weather starts to warm up, it’ll be a delicious way to cool you down. It’s also a very budget friendly way to make ice cream night a little more exciting.

easy strawberry sundae

Are you craving something sweet? I am. I’m at the end of winter, I’ve been cooped up in this house for far too long and I am needing something fruity and sweet dammit! Honestly, it’s the fruits that I am craving the most. Since we aren’t quite in season for fresh produce, I guess I’ll have to enjoy some yummy fruit flavored treats until then. I’m thinking this Easy Strawberry Sundae will do the trick.

While I sit here and patiently wait to start planting my garden enjoying the fruits of my labor, I’m going to break out this deliciously easy recipe and the kids and I are going to sit inside our warm house looking outside at the sun trying to break through the clouds and shine bright.

Easy Strawberry Sundae

This strawberry sundae is very easy to make and takes just 3 ingredients. Plus, this sundae has a unique twist which you may not have seen in a typical sundae recipe.

What is a strawberry sundae?

A strawberry sundae is ice cream (typically vanilla ice cream) topped with strawberry syrup or other toppings. Occasionally, you will find fresh strawberries, plus syrup on top of a sundae, but it isn’t required. You will also find whip cream topping a sundae as well.

What is different about this strawberry sundae?

With this strawberry sundae recipe, instead of just drizzling the sauce over the ice cream, you actually mix the sauce and whip cream to create a delicious strawberry flavored whipped cream topping.

What’s the best ice cream topping?

The best ice cream topping to me is a toss up. I’m a die hard chocolate fan, but I do love strawberries, so when I am in a fruity mood, you can bet that I will either have fresh strawberries or strawberry syrup on top of my ice cream.

I try not to eat ice cream too often (staying healthy and all that), so when I do I like to make sure it is worth it. I don’t want just a boring bowl of vanilla ice cream. I want to make sure that my sundae is packed full of flavor and this easy strawberry sundae is a great way to do that!

How do you serve easy strawberry sundaes?

Of course you can just toss the ingredients into any old bowl, but I’m a believer in great presentation so when it comes to serving these easy strawberry sundaes I like to present them in these 4 oz Ramekins. Not only are they cute, but they also make sure to keep our serving sizes in check.

Plus, I like the response I get when I serve my family or my guests cute little desserts that look like they could have just come from a restaurant.


You only need 3 simple ingredients to make these easy strawberry sundaes. I have great value ice cream pictured here, but I know that sometimes ice cream brands are a deeply personal thing. Feel free to use any brand that you love. I do think that Nesquik is the best kind of syrup though!

easy strawberry sundae
  • 1 tbsp of Strawberry Nesquik 
  • 1/4 cup of heavy whipping cream
  • Vanilla ice cream


You guys…whipping up this easy sundae is so simple, you might even find yourself letting the kids make the sundaes tonight.

how to make easy strawberry sundaes

In a medium bowl, combine strawberry Nesquik and whipping cream.

Using a hand mixer or stand mixer, whisk until mixture is properly combined and forms peaks. 

Add strawberry whip to ice cream and serve.

vanilla ice cream with scoop


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