Fitness Gift Ideas for Her

What is the best way to shop for a gift a woman? You buy her gifts that relate to the things that she loves or the things that she loves to do, of course! If you are shopping for a woman in your life that loves fitness and all things staying active, then these fitness gift ideas for her will be just what you are looking for.

Of course, it’s always helpful to know exactly what type of fitness the woman you are looking for is in to. It is crossfit? It is hiking? Maybe it’s yoga? Maybe it’s a mix of all of all kinds of activity. I have created a list of fitness gift ideas that can relate to any of the above.

Fitness Gift Ideas for Her

Let’s break down these fitness gift ideas for her into categories of fitness to help you find even more ideas in your search for the perfect gift.

Hiking Fitness Gift Ideas for Her

If you a shopping for a woman who loves to hike, these fitness gift ideas are going to be a perfect match!

Atomic Bear Paracord Bracelet

You can’t go wrong with a great hiking gift that puts focus on safety! This bracelet isn’t just a bracelet! This bracelet features the following survival tools:

  • Fire Starter
  • Loud Whistle
  • Emergency Knife

Trekking Poles

Not everyone who hikes uses poles, but an avid hiker should always have a good set of hiking poles for those really rugged trails. These trekking poles have really great reviews and super fun colors!

Hiking Fanny Pack with Water Bottle Holder

Hikers either love water bottles or hydration packs. If you are shopping for a gift for someone who is team water bottle, this fanny packs with a water bottle holder is a great idea!

Hiking Socks

Good socks are absolutely imperative for hiking enthusiasts. Nothing ruins a good hike like a nasty blister.

Hydroflask Sling

If you are Hydroflask water bottle fan (like me!), you need to check out this Hydroflask Sling. I have one of these and oh my gosh, I love it! I love my Hydroflask water bottle and always take it hiking with me. This sling makes it really easy to carry along on hikes.

CrossFit Fitness Gift Ideas for Her

If you are shopping for a woman who loves CrossFit, here are some gift ideas that will be a hit with her!

Workout Journal for Crossfitters

This journal features over 6 months worth of workout of the day templates to track CrossFit workouts and skills.

Fitness Core Mat

A fitness core mat is used in many CrossFit workouts. Giving a gift of a core mat to a crossfitters is awesome so that they can do their workouts at home when needed.

Wooden Plyo Box

This Wooden Plyo Box is awesome for crossfitters because it is a space saver! This one box is able to be used for 3 different sizes.

Juliet Paige Exercise Dice

Crossfit workouts at home can be fun, but with these dice they can also be spontaneous. Just roll the dice to find out what the workout of the day will be.

Exercise Resistance Bands

All crossfitters need a good set of resistance bands on hand. This set has great reviews and are easy to store.

Yoga Fitness Gift Ideas for Her

If you are shopping for a gift for a yoga enthusiast, here is a great list of ideas for you!

Yoga Mat

Did you know that someone who regularly practices yoga should replace their yoga mat every 6 to 12 months? Many people try to save money by stretching that time out longer. That’s why I love the idea of giving a new yoga mat as a gift.

Meditation Cushion

Yoga and meditation go hand in hand and this meditation pillow is beautiful and would make a great gift!

Yoga Mat and Accessory Bag

This cute bag is just right for carrying around a yoga mat and accessories! Give the gift of no longer needing to awkwardly lug gear around.

The Yoga Wheel

This yoga wheel is beautiful and will make a great addition to anyone’s yoga gear collection.

Physical Massage Therapy Ball Set

The gift of relaxation might just be the greatest gift of all. This therapy ball set can help with that!

Weightlifting Fitness Gift Ideas for Her

Are you shopping for a woman who is into weight lifting? Make sure she has the best weight lifting accessories for her workouts!

Workout Gloves

These workout gloves are great for any weight lifting enthusiast! They are comfortable with a strong grip.

Weightlifting Belt

Help your weightlifting friend keep her back healthy and strong with a good weight lifting belt like this one.

Fit Viva Barbell Pad

Fit Viva Squat Pad absorbs impact and prevents neck pain during workouts with barbells. This is the kind of thing that many fitness enthusiasts would love to have, but don’t think to buy for themselves, which makes it a great gift idea.

Fitness Journal

Since tracking fitness goals makes such a positive influence on fitness success or failure, most experts recommend journaling fitness progress. This fitness journal would make a great gift idea for any fitness enthusiast!

Lift Like A Girl if you Can Bro Weightlifting T-Shirt

I know several women who are enthusiastic about weight lifting (myself included) and I don’t know a single one who wouldn’t love this tee shirt!

So what do you think? Do you think these gift ideas are good ones? I think that these fitness gift ideas for her will make you the best gift giver this holiday season!

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