This coming Sunday (September 27, 2019) is a very special day. That’s right. It is National Coffee Day. I like to think of it as my own personal holiday. It feels personal to me because I am the only one in my family that does not drink coffee. Shocking, right? I think there may be something seriously wrong with my husband. Who doesn’t like coffee?

You know what is even better than a holiday celebrating that liquid mug of sunshine that we like to call coffee? Getting your coffee for free! That’s right, I said free!

How, you ask? Simple. Just be a Verizon customer! I got a notification earlier that Verizon is offering their VerizonUP reward members a FREE $3 Starbucks Gift Card to celebrate National Coffee Day!

I love this because I actually just drink a plain old cup of joe, or, in Starbucks speak a “fresh brewed coffee blonde roast, please.” Which means my coffee will be completely free. Regular coffee isn’t expensive folks! It’s all that fancy stuff that you are drinking!

Are you a Verizon Customer? Have you signed up for Verizon Up? According to Verizon, the Verizon Up program is this:

Verizon Up is the Verizon Wireless rewards program that gives you rewards you want—from tech to dining to stage-side concert and sports experiences. And, enjoy Bonus Rewards, and Local Offers – surprises, extras and discounts.

With every bill you pay, you earn rewards that you can use to trade in for gift cards and contest entries, etc. I have used my Verizon rewards to buy Amazon Gift Cards ($5 this month), Starbucks Gift Cards, Home Depot Gift Cards and more.

You also get suprise rewards too! Right now for example, they are giving away a FREE $3 Starbucks Gift Card to celebrate National Coffee Day!

Verizon Up Rewards is a nice little bonus to get each month. I tend to do a lot of my shopping on Amazon, so my gift cards are used while I shop, but I am wishing I would have saved them up for holiday shopping. An extra $5 per month would actually add up quite nicely!

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