Must See Haunted Houses in Salem Oregon This Halloween!

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Do you love haunted houses? Are you looking for haunted houses in Salem, Oregon? If you happen to live in the city of Salem or surrounding areas, you are in luck! There are some seriously awesome places for you to spend some time this Halloween! If you love a good jump scare or you want to be spooked by some paranormal activity, there are some seriously awesome places to visit in the area. 

These must-see haunted houses in Salem Oregon are not for the faint of heart though! It is worth reminding everyone that there is an inherent risk in visiting such places, especially for those with heart conditions or other health conditions. Head on over for these fun attractions but do so at your own risk!

Must See Haunted Houses in Salem Oregon This Halloween!

If you want to be scared out of your mind this Halloween season, you won’t want to miss out on these great haunted attractions in the Salem area! 

Nightmare Factory

In the basement of the dorm building on the campus of the Oregon School for the Deaf, you’ll find what might be Salem’s scariest haunted house. I’ve heard it called “Salem’s scariest haunted attraction.” This seasonal haunted attraction is the longest-running haunted house in Oregon as it first opened in 1987. Founder Ed Roberts, who works at the school, works with deaf students throughout the year designing, building, and planning the Nightmare Factory. Many of these students are also characters of the scary attraction. The funds raised by this attraction are used to benefit the students by buying new school equipment, and athletic facilities, and even funding trips for the students. 

If you like to be scared, you are going to love this one! Prepare yourself for jump scares, terrifying mazes, and even funny attractions. 

You can see more on the Nightmare Factory FB Page.

Silver Crest Haunted House

Silver Crest Haunted House is located outside of Salem in Silverton. The proceeds from this haunted go to support Silver Crest Booster Club. 

Silver Crest offers a kids’ haunt for a few nights throughout the season (These are typically held early on Saturday nights). This will be a monster-free haunt, so if you are worried about your kids being afraid, there will be another option. 

You can see more on the Silver Crest Haunted House website here. 

Fright Town

I know many, many people are wanting to see Fright Town on this list, but as far as I am aware, Fright Town is no longer operating. 🙁 

Check Out This List of the Most Haunted Places in Salem and Beyond

While a different Salem might be the city that comes to mind when talking about spooky things, Salem, Oregon has its fair share of haunted places and creepy ghost stories! It’s not just Salem though, there are some seriously awesome places throughout the Willamette Valley that are awesome to visit if you love some good spooky fun!

Haunted Destinations in Oregon

Wilsonville- Dammasch Hospital

An old insane asylum that has reports of a man walking around with a flashlight looking for enemy soldiers. There are also reports of people being raped.


Death Hill, Ghosts of loggers that were killed still linger here.

Troutdale- Springfield

A dark man wandering the brick buildings. Claims his name is Paul and died at the hands of a monastery gathering. A boy claims his friend killed himself after complaining about a dark man bothering him in his sleep.


Washington Square Cinemas, A ghost known to whistle, produce light, start movies late at night, and even push his own image through the screen.

St Johns – Roosevelt high school

Ghost of a boy who killed himself.

Sherwood – Chapman Road House

A family tore down their old house and built a new house on it. Strange things began after a new house was built.

Sheridan – NE Center St.

A house said to be haunted by a witch, strange chemical smells which are so intense they’re said to make people choke. Loud metal banging comes from the abandoned house next door. TVs turn selves on and cupboards bang. Shadows moving about in the daytime. Earthquake-like rumbling in the daytime.

Salem – Oregon State Capitol

Oregon State Capitol

The Oregon State Capitol is home to plenty of ghostly tales. There is even a book titled ‘Ghosts in the Capitol’ written by a board member (Sandra Allen). Many witnesses to spooky tales testify to having heard fantom footsteps, seeing slamming doors and even hearing voices in empty rooms. 

Some witnesses also claim to have seen an apparition that is the spitting image of a former representative who passed in 1978.

Salem – Oregon State Prison

The North guard tower of the Oregon State Prison is said to be one of the most haunted places in all of Salem. A former prison guard has even gone on record stating that Tower 4 has a history of strange and spooky things that happen. There are reports of strange shadows and strange occurrences. Also worth noting, Tower 4 was built on top of the former prison graveyard. 

Salem – Oregon State Hospital

Oregon state hospital

The Oregon State Hospital is long known as the most haunted place in Salem and throughout the west coast. While much of the hospital now was built more recently, the original hospital was built in the late 1800s. The hospital was initially built to be just that, a hospital. However, it soon became a specialized facility for the treatment of the mentally ill. Typical for asylums of the time, many patients were treated poorly by staff as well as other patients. There have been hundreds (possibly more) deaths at the facility over the last 100+ years and witnesses claim to have seen or heard the ghosts of many of these patients in the remaining old buildings as well as the underground tunnels that connect the buildings. Witnesses claim to have heard phantom footsteps, seen doors open by themselves, and heard the cries and screaming of the apparitions. 

Salem – Mission Mill Museum

The Mission Mill Museum in Salem is a small collection of historic buildings including a church, several homes, and (as the name suggests), a mill. Witnesses claim to have seen the ghost of a former mill named Wright Mentzer who still lingers in the mill. Witnesses also claim to have seen the ghost of a woman running across the nearby bridge, although she has never been identified, most people believe her to be somehow connected to the mill. 

Salem – Hayesville Area

A mysterious semi is said to be seen passing streets at high speeds and then disappearing, commonly known to scare off hitchhikers.

Salem – Bush House Museum

The Bush House Museum is a beautiful mansion built in the late 1870s by Asahel Bush II. The Bush family home is famously known as one of the most haunted houses in Salem. It is said that Asahel’s youngest daughter Eugenia is the apparition that haunts the property. Some say that she is merely keeping a watchful eye over the home. Witnesses claim to have seen strange shadows, experienced strange cold spots in the home, and heard ghostly female voices. 

Rumor has it that Eugenia had schizophrenia and her family had kept her in the basement out of shame. 

Salem – Elsinore Theatre

The Elsinore Theatre is said to be haunted by two apparitions. 

The first apparition is a boy who was murdered here in the men’s restroom. Witnesses claim to have seen blood splatters in the mirror reflection, only to turn around and see no traces of blood. 

The second apparition is of the building owner’s daughter who fell to her death from the second floor balcony. 

Portland Oaks Park

Said to be haunted by a young boy in ’70s like clothing for about 20 years now.

Portland Lotus Nightclub

Something creepy happens in the basement so bad employees won’t talk about it.

Portland Kenilworth Park

A girl is said to have been killed here and witnesses claim to have heard her screaming and some have even said that they have seen her walking around.

Portland Columbian Cemetery and Buttertoes Restaurant 

Both of these locations are said to be haunted by a ghost named Lydia.

Newberg – Newberg Graphic

This place is said to be highly haunted. Workers have stated that they feel strange time lapses and have seen strange apparitions.

Lafayette- Lafayette cemetery

Said to possess the grave of a witch who declared the town would burn 3 times, the town has already burned twice, she’s said to be seen standing around, chasing people and people still have scars from her scratches.

Looking for some non-spooky fun? Check out these unique things to do in Oregon.

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