Have You Check Your Groupon Account Lately?

Do you have a Groupon account? I love love love Groupon. If you know me in “real” life, you already know this about me. This blog is fairly new, but in time, I promise, you will get to know my love of Groupon. My family and I have taken some AMAZING trips and had some out of this world experiences thanks to the sweet money saving site.

My husband and I each signed up for Groupon way back in the day (yep…I’ve always been a deal seeker). I have been using the site to grab deals for years now. A couple of months ago I got to thinking about the fact that I probably had a lot of Groupon deals that I hadn’t ever used and I was right. Both my husband and myself had unused Groupons in our accounts. As much as I don’t like to waste money I will fully acknowledge that I struggle to say no to a deal. For example, if Groupon is offering a $20 restaurant gift card for $10 and then I have a 25% promo code, I am definitely going to grab that deal for the next time we go to that restaurant.

The problem with being the type to never say no to a deal is is that we don’t always make it to that restaurant, or I have simply forgotten about them. I am doing better about it now, but what could I do about the deals that were never used?

Let’s be clear here, when you buy a Groupon, the amount you spend is always good toward the item you bought. Take the example from earlier, if I spent $7.50 on a $20 restaurant deal, even if the Groupon is expired, I still have $7.50 to spend at that restaurant. I had a bit of an issue though, one of the deals we had purchased was for a company that was no longer in business, another was for a deal that was intended for a gift, but that had come and gone and was no longer ideal. I decided to hop on to the Groupon customer service chat and discuss this.

The Groupon customer service representative was sure to remind me that I still had the cash value available, but I explained my situation and asked what remedies I had. After some chatting back and forth, they offered to refund me the amount I spent via Groupon credit. As I am always on Groupon anyway, this worked perfectly for me!

Between the two accounts, we were able to have close to $30 refunded to our accounts. This worked out perfectly for us because we were able to use it to help keep the costs of activities on our road trip to California down.

Have you bought a Groupon before? What are your thoughts on the daily deal site?

If you are new to Groupon, you can go here to sign up. Just be sure to keep an eye out for promo codes!

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