Holiday Themed Masks

It’s a weird year and that means that we have to add some weird additions to our typical traditions. One of these would be the addition of face masks to our holiday attire. Don’t worry though! They don’t have to throw a wrench into your cute holiday outfit, they can actually be a cute accessory.

These holiday themed masks will go beyond just Christmas too! I’ll toss some in for other holidays and birthdays too!

Holiday Themed Masks

The following list of holiday themed masks are some of my favorite budget friendly masks that I have seen at Amazon. I don’t know about you, but I have found that it is much better to have quite a few masks on hand just in case.

Christmas Face Masks

50 Count Disposable Face Masks

If disposable is what you prefer, you can get this adorable 50ct pack of Christmas masks for just $12.79 (as of the date of publishing).

Merry Christmas Y’all Mask

I lived in Texas for a short time in my youth, but y’all has stayed in my vocabulary to some degree and I just love this adorable Merry Christmas Y’all mask!

Christmas Face Scarf

Okay, this one might just be my favorite Christmas face mask, okay technically, it’s a Christmas Face Scarf. Seriously cute, right?!

10 Count Christmas Variety Pack

This 10 Count Christmas Variety Pack will keep you from getting bored with your mask!

Kids Christmas Masks

Don’t forget that the kids are going to want fun Christmas themed masks too!

Santa Beard Face Masks

Okay, we don’t actually need words do we? We all know that this Santa Beard face mask is a must have for staying safe and healthy this holiday season!

Snowman Face Masks

These snowman face masks are super cute! These are disposable and come in your choice of 10 or 50 count packs

New Year’s Face Masks

Should we say hello to 2021 or goodbye to 2020? Let your mask do the talking….

Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021 Disposable Masks

This 10 count of Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021 Disposable Masks are cute and perfect to celebrate the goodbye and hello.

Snowflake Happy New Year Disposable Face Masks

This cute Snowflake Happy New Year Disposable Face Mask is going to look great with your New Year outfit!

Welcome to 2021, Not to Repeat 2020

Okay, how cute is this Welcome to 2021, Not to Repeat 2020 face mask? It’s pretty fitting for the year too!

Valentine’s Face Masks

Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it and we very well may still be wearing masks at that time, so it isn’t a bad idea to plan ahead!

5 Count Valentine Masks (various styles)

These Valentine’s Masks are super cute, plus you can mix up what you wear each day!

50 Piece Disposable Face Masks

These 50 Piece Disposable Face Masks have a variety of colors to choose from!

Birthday Masks

Don’t forget to get a cute mask for your birthday too!

It’s My Birthday Face Mask

This It’s My Birthday Face Mask will help others know that it’s time to celebrate you!

Happy Quarantine Birthday 2020

This Happy Quarantine Birthday 2020 Mask is just so perfect, isn’t it? Let’s face it, many of us have dealt with quarantine birthdays this year, so I think we can all appreciate this one!

Do you have a great holiday themed mask that you have been wearing? I am all about celebrating the holidays to the full extent this year, so you can bet I’ll be wearing one.

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