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Are looking for cheap concerts in Oregon? Do you love a good, live, music show? I do too! I hate the high price of concert tickets though! My husband and I have been to quite a few concerts in our day, with the most expensive one being a Lonestar concert that we went to at Chinook Winds Casino that cost us like $40 each. That was painful, my friends! So, if I think $40 is a lot to pay for a concert, how do I see concerts for cheap? Well, I’m going to tell you.

How to find cheap concerts in Oregon
finding cheap concerts in oregon

How to find Cheap Concerts in Oregon

You see, typically we score super good deals on our tickets and most of the concerts we have been too have been concerts at the Oregon State Fair, which are FREE with fair admission. That’s less than $10!!

We have seen some really amazing shows too! Craig Morgan, Josh Turner, Chris Daughtry, and so many more. It has been well worth the price of fair admission.

Another great way to find cheap concerts in Oregon is by going to Groupon and doing a search for concert tickets. I have been seeing tickets for awesome concerts for like $10-$20! Right now, for example, are tickets to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra for $49.99! Yes, that is more than I like to pay for tickets, but I have wanted to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra for years and this is almost 50% off of the regular price of this concert!

More ways to find cheap concerts in Oregon

Okay, I know that there are creative people everywhere, but sometimes it feels like that we here in the Pacific Northwest are blessed with some amazingly talented and artistic people in our area. That is one of my favorite things about our area. You can almost always find a free concert or musical performance in a city near you on the weekend. Do a quick Facebook or Google search and I would bet that you will find something. Heck, I live in a town of 800 people and the local bar/restaurant almost always has a free musical performance on the weekends. Additionally, in the next town over there is a coffee shop that offers an open mic night for local singers to get up and show their stuff. If I, in my small community, can constantly find free musical entertainment, so can you!

Casinos are great for finding cheap concerts in Oregon

We have some great casinos here in Oregon. I’m not a big gambler, but I go the casino a couple of times per year for entertainment or for brunch (when I’m with my in laws…casinos are a great place for a buffet). Anyway…I got off track a little bit there. Casinos are a great place to find cheap concerts in Oregon because they often offer free entertainment in order to get people through the doors. These are often more local bands or singers, but they rarely bring bad acts in, so you can be confident that it’ll be a pretty good show.

Are you a music fan? How do you find cheap concerts in Oregon?

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