imagination movers review

Imagination Movers Review

Did you ever imagine that you would find yourself searching online for an Imagination Movers review? Do you see what parenting does to us?! This is the kind of thing we search the internet for these days!

If you have little kids, I can almost guarantee that you have heard of and maybe even secretly love the Imagination Movers. Did you know though, that they can actually be watched live? Can you imagine the excitement of the little ones that love the Imagination Movers and get to see them in person?

I was offered these tickets, and unfortunately, I had to be at a funeral that day, but I was able to gift them to a dear friend of mine and her son and nephew who both LOVE the Imagination Movers.

They saw the show on Saturday, June 29th at the Winningstad Theater in Portland, Oregon. I have never been to this theater, but my friend was impressed by it.

imagination movers concert

I spoke with her the next day after the show and she shared with me how much they all loved the show. Here are her words:

Oh It was so awesome!! A very fun and entertaining 70 minute performance that got the whole audience singing moving and dancing. Their overall message was for this to be an hour of having fun and spending time together as a family. ❤️

I was seriously so impressed with how they engaged the audience. It definitely wasn’t just a performance for the kids, but rather and fun and memorable experience for all ages.

Her son was especially excited about the toilet paper shooter part of the show. I won’t share photos of him here, but I saw the biggest smile on that boy’s face. So so sweet! I can’t wait until they come around again, because I will definitely be taking my little guy! I am super excited.

I haven’t yet mentioned that while I was unable to attend because I was at a funeral, my friend had also been very busy dealing with several stressful family situations of her own. I couldn’t be happier that I was able to provide them a little relief from stress for a fun, family time.

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