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I think it is time to introduce myself. Hi! My name is Candi. I am married to my long time sweetheart and we have 3 children together. Dad works full time outside of the house and mom works at home as a full time stay at home mom and part time freelance writer and virtual assistant. We are focused on making our family time the absolute best that it can be and for us that means more FAMILY TIME!

We married young (him 22, me 19) and we were married for 5 years before we had our sweet daughter who is now 15. A couple of years later, we had a little boy and for a while our perfect family of 4 was all we needed. As the years went on though, we decided that we needed one more for our family to be complete. So, we now have a 15 year old, a 12 year old and a 3 year old. These ages get us a lot of stares and a lot of questions, but we wouldn’t change it for anything in the world! We love the ages our children are now.

Family time is incredibly important to us. That said, we are a very busy family. Our big kids are into sports (daughter plays volleyball, basketball and track and son plays basketball), so that means that we are in the car a lot driving to practices and games and many of our nights are spent watching games from the bleacher seats. I wouldn’t change it for anything because I know how much my children love it, however, it was really straining our budget. Not only did we have sports fees and costs for shoes and gear, but we were spending a lot of money in the drive through buying dinner because we were once again home too late to cook. Before we knew it, our budget was cooked! We decided to get smart and get focused on doing what we can do save money during those busy times so that we had more time, more money and more freedom to enjoy our family time during the off season moments.

That is where our thrifty-ness began, my friends! Plus, all of those trip through the drive thru were not doing too good for my waistline either! When you have a baby in your late 30s…it’s hard to work off those cheeseburgers and fries!

Not only have I figured out how to make some extra money from home which I plan to share with you along the way, but I have found sweet ways to save money doing everyday things! Plus, I’m pretty freaking good at saving money on activities and vacations when I really put my mind to it (we paid just $470 ROUND TRIP for the 5 of us to take a vacation to Arizona earlier this year…that’s after fees!) and I am thrilled that I might be able to help you guys do the same.

I am so excited for you to follow along on our thrifty living journey, share your journeys with us and hopefully find some great new ideas to help your family succeed in living their best lives while keeping your budget in check too!

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