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sledding in oregon

Are you loving this winter weather that we have been being teased with? I know I am!! I am ready to hit the slopes (in a sledding way, not a skiing way…I like my knees way too much for that!). Plus, a few years ago we bought some amazing sleds at Costco and haven’t been able to use them yet. I am ready! If you are wondering where to go sledding in Oregon, I have just the list of places for you!

Winter in Oregon is unique. Most Oregonians (especially on the western side) tend to see rain more than we see snow. I know that many people expect Oregon to offer a white winter, but that’s not actually the case. I have met quite a few people who have traveled to Oregon in the winter expecting to see lots of snow. They are often disappointed. Oregon is funny because the western part of the state really doesn’t get too much snow, but the central and eastern part of the state gets lots of wonderful wintery snow during the winter. 

Where to Go Sledding in Oregon

Of course, you can go sledding on any snow-covered hill whenever the winter weather hits, however, you aren’t guaranteed that winter weather at any point here in Oregon, so if it’s not a snow day where you are, just hop in the car and you can easily find where to go sledding in Oregon. 

If you are traveling specifically to go sledding in Oregon, the Willamette Valley (Portland, Salem, Eugene, etc), should not be your destination. That being said, you don’t have to go too far away from these cities to find great sledding areas. Here are some of the best sledding areas in Oregon:

Oregon Sno-Parks

Oregon has a multitude of sno-parks and there are some really great sledding hills throughout these sno-parks! 

Check out this website for a list of the sno-parks throughout the state. Sno-parks do cost money, but the price is quite low (less than $5 per day or $25 for the year). Here is a list of places where you can buy a permit. 

Mt. Hood Skibowl East

Mt. Hood Skibowl East is a great place designated for sledding and tubing at Mt. Hood! The price is a little high on this one, but I promise you and your kids are going to have a blast here. 

Price: $26 – $59/adults, $20 – $47/kids

Mt. Hood Snow Bunny

The Mt. Hood Snow Bunny area is the perfect area to take your young children sledding! 

Price: $15 per person, $5 for kids under 5

Summit Ski Area

Summit Ski Area is another area in the Mt. Hood region that you can take the family to go sledding. 

Price: $15-$20 per person

Cooper Spur Ski Area

Cooper Spur Ski Area is a great location for tubing and sledding in the Mt. Hood area. 

Price: $12 per person

Hoodoo Ski Area

If you are in the Central Oregon area, Hoodoo Ski area is a great place to head out to go tubing or sledding. This park is only about an hour and a half from Eugene too so that’s not too far to go even if you aren’t in Central Oregon.

Price: $14-$25 per person

Willamette Pass Resort

Willamette Pass Resort is located about 2 hours southeast of Salem and offers a great selection of sledding/tubing options for kids and adults alike. I have never been here, but I’ve heard great things.

Price: I have been unable to contact the resort to find out current prices on sledding/tubing here.

Table Mountain

Located in Southern Oregon, Table Mountain Winter Play Area is located in the Hyatt Lake Recreation Area and is a great location for sledding! Plus, there is a wonderful area at the top of the sledding area for you to warm up while you watch the sledders below. 

Price: FREE

Diamond Lake Resort

Diamond Lake Resort is located not too far from Crater Lake and is a great spot to take the family sledding! This resort offers an uphill tow (on the weekends) as well as cosmic tubing nights! 

Price: $36, Kids ages 3-5 are free

Tips Before You Go Sledding in Oregon

Be sure to follow these tips to keep you safe on your next trip sledding in Oregon. 

Buy Your Permits in Advance

Trust me, don’t leave this one up to chance. Buy your Sno-Park permits before you head out for your day of sledding. These permits are required for any trip into a Sno-Park from 11/1 through 4/30.

Bring Extra Clothes and Shoes

In addition to your sledding clothes, be sure that you bring an extra set (or two) of dry, warm clothing to change into after you get wet from playing in the snow. It may be worth bringing extra sledding clothes too in case you get too wet throughout your day. 

I have found that when you are sledding with kids, several extra sets of clothes and shoes are a must. 

Oh, and don’t forget the socks!

Bring Proper Safety Equipment

If you are driving to a place to go sledding in Oregon, you are likely going to drive through some winter weather. Make sure you are prepared for your drive as well as any possible emergencies. Be sure that your vehicle is capable of driving in snow, making sure to have winter tires or bring chains along with you. Also be sure to bring a fully charged cell phone, an emergency kit and extra food and water.

It’s also smart to let someone know where you are going to be. Whenever we take a trip like this, we like to let our family members know where we are going, in addition to adding them to our Life360 Circle so that they know our location in case they haven’t heard from us.  

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