The Best Agate Beaches in Oregon

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When you head to the beach do you find yourself looking out at the horizon or do you find yourself looking at the ground to see what beautiful treasures you can find? If looking for agates is an activity that you love, you are in luck! Oregon is an excellent place to find beautiful ones! The best agate beaches in Oregon are more plentiful than you might think!

The abundance of agates in this great state of ours is one of my personal favorite things about the entire coastline. Visiting these beaches even for just a little bit will allow you to see a side of Oregon that most people don’t get a chance to see. I have been to quite a few places throughout the United States and I always say that Oregon and the Pacific Northwest in general continue to be among the most beautiful places I have ever visited.

The Best Agate Beaches in Oregon

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First let’s talk a little bit about what agates are and what you should look out for before you head out to find the best agage beaches in Oregon.

What are Agates?

Agates are rocks, but not just any type of rock. Agaites are gemstones that consist of mostly quartz and chalcedony and are a wide variety of colors. They are generally formed within volcanic rocks. Agates are commonly used in jewelry making.

When is the Best Time to Visit Agate Beaches in Oregon?

The best agate hunters are sure to check the tide tables before heading out on an agate hunting trip. You’ll want to plan to visit at low tide. Not only will low tide allow you access to the rock beds and areas that wouldn’t normally have access to, but it is also for your safety.

Learn the Rules Before You Go

There are different rules and regulations for many different beaches and coastal areas. Be sure to look into this before you head out. In general, Oregon allows the collection of up to 1 gallon of rocks per day (with a 3 gallon per year limit). Some beaches, however, have stricter guidelines.

Do Not Cause Damage to Nature

There is absolutely no prying or chipping at rocks or cliff faces allowed. Not only is this damaging to our precious natural spaces, but it is also illegal in Oregon. You can only collect rocks that are loose.

Safety Tips While Visting Agate Beaches in Oregon

Visiting agate beaches in Oregon is a fun experience that you will love, but it can be dangerous too. Anytime you are at the beach, you need to take certain safety precautions to keep you from getting injured on your rockhounding adventures. Here are some safety tips to follow to help keep you safe on your next trip:

  • Know the tides
  • Only visit during low tide, as high tide prevents great agate hunting and can be dangerous
  • Watch out for sneaker waves
  • Do not walk or climb on driftwood
  • Do not enter any caves near the water
  • Keep children close to you at all times
  • Watch for safety guides posted near the beach
  • If you are a solo adventurer, it is a good idea to reach out to a friend or loved one to let them know where you’ll be.

The Best Agate Beaches in Oregon to Visit

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Now that we have all of the specifics out of the way, let’s get to why you are here! To find out where to go to visit the best agate beaches in Oregon!

Beverly Beach

Beverly Beach is located on the central Oregon coast in Lincoln County. The beach itself is located between Yaquina Head and Beverly Beach State Park. This beach is well known for being the home of beautiful agates that are often washed into the ocean and back to the beach again. These gemstones are thought to come from the surrounding cliffs in the area.

If you are looking to spend a little more time in the area, Beverly Beach state park has a great campground too. Nearby prime Newport attractions include the Hatfield Marine Science Center, the Oregon Coast Aquarium as well as many other awesome places to stop for some ocean beach fun.

Moolack Beach

Another popular spot to visit along the central coast of Oregon is Moolack Beack. In addition to being a great spot for spotting agates and marine fossils, this is also one of Oregon’s best areas for surfing!

When agate hunting at Moolack beach, head to the creek that flows south of the beach, this is one of the best secret spots for those looking for agates that come from volcanic rocks.


Oceanside is one of the best places in the area for rockhounding. This Oceanside Beach area is known to produce high-quality agates that agate hunters love. Oregon’s Tillamook coast is also home to areas such as Three Arch Rocks National Wildlife Refuge and Symons State Park. While this is a small community, it is a well known one for agate hunters. While it is great to travel to the area year round, winter months are my favorite time to visit. This is one of the best beaches to visit after winter storms to find agates of all types.

Gold Beach

Gold Beach is located near where the Rogue River meets the Pacific Ocean. Here you’ll find plenty of places to stay and you’ll have a great time in any of the great communities nearby. Gold Beach is ideal for rockhounding. Because of its location you will find rocks that have been carried from upstream and deposited in the ocean. These are prime volcanic rock agates that are consistently brought down by the river. The variety of rocks you will find here is varied and changes literally hourly throughout the year.

Agate Beaches Oregon

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The Pacific Ocean and the Oregon Coast specifically are known for its stunning and varied landscape. You’ll find rocky beaches, oceanside cliffs, sandy beach communities and so much more all along the 363 miles that span the coastline. You are likely to find beatiful agates just about anywhere you stop to visit. That said, I have found that the places I listed above have been where I have found the best ones!

You can find agates on any beach. You’ll have better luck if you are near large rocks or cliffs, or rivers that lead into the ocean though. Also, while you can find awesome agates year round, you are likely to find them more often during the winter and/or after a big storm.

If you have a full day or weekend to explore, grab this book and see what all you can find!

Also, if you are wondering what to bring on your beach trip, check out this post for ideas.

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