The Best Camping Gifts for Kids 

Kids camping

Are you looking for something great to gift the kids this year? Something other than a toy that will get tossed aside or the newest tech that your kids will be staring at for hours on end? Check out this list of camping gifts for kids and look forward to lots of adventures ahead! Our family loves camping. It is just so much fun! Camping is a great way to have fun together while exploring all that nature has to offer. We tend to camp a lot for our family vacations and we have found that the best camping gifts often make the best birthday or Christmas gift. 

Whether you have older kids or younger ones, the perfect camping gift might just be a click away with this list. Honestly, many of the gifts below are great for the entire family, but some will be focused solely on younger kids too. So, if your family loves the great outdoors and a great camping trip, the perfect gift idea might be right here waiting for you!

The Best Camping Gifts for Kids 

Even if your kiddos don’t always love camping, choosing the right camping gifts for kids can make their outdoor adventures even more enjoyable. Whether you are camping in a state park, hitting up some national parks, or doing some dispersed camping, the ideas listed in this fun gift guide will help keep your kids busy and having a blast while camping with your family.

Here are Some Ideas for Great Camping Gifts for Kids

Their Own Tent

Okay, you aren’t going to want to give your toddlers their own tent, but once your kids get older, the independence that they will gain from having their own tent is quite a joy to view. I have been tent camping since I was a small child and I started sleeping in my own tent around the age of 11 or 12. I loved it. On a recent birthday, I got my teenage son this tent and he loved it! He has since been camping with his friends a few times and he proudly uses his own camping gear. 

cabela's tent

Check out some great quality tents here!

There are other great options out there if you want to go a little more budget-friendly for the younger kids. 

Coleman Kids Tent

Sleeping Bags

Little Kid Friendly Sleeping Bag

If you have a little one, you might want to look for a sleeping bag with great patterns or fun characters to keep them interested. These glow in the dark ones are a great example.

Teen Friendly Sleeping Bag

If you have a teen, it’s time to step up to a larger, higher-quality camping sleeping bag. It’s good to invest in a good sleeping bag for them so they can take it with them when they are out on their own. You can find some great Camping Sleeping Bags for teens here! 

Quality Camp Chair

For smaller kids, you want to be sure that you choose a camping chair that is not too heavy or bulky for them to move around, here are some good examples of good light weight chair options. 

Dino Chair

Bug Chair

For a teen, it’s a good idea to grab one that is sturdy and high quality, such as these. 

Kijaro Dual Lock Chair (I have this exact chair and love it!)

Coleman Quad Camping Chair

Adventure Kit

Consider a camping or outdoor adventure kit that includes a compass, binoculars, a flashlight, and a magnifying glass. It can add an element of exploration to their camping experience.

Headlamp or Flashlight

It’s fun for kids to have their own flashlight. A fun and functional headlamp or flashlight can make camping at night more exciting for kids.

Camping Games and Fun Camping Toys

​There is always downtime when you are camping. While grown-ups might appreciate the quiet time, kids can sometimes get bored. Packable games like a frisbee, a kite, a card game, or travel-sized board games can provide entertainment during downtime. Camping scavenger hunt games are always fun too! 

​Outdoor games such as horseshoes are another fun option for having fun and busting the boredom. A great game can make all the difference. 

Nature Guidebook

A kid-friendly guidebook on local animals or flora and fauna can turn a camping trip into a learning experience. I love turning our camping trips into impromptu learning opportunities for kids of all ages. 

Cooking Set and Tools

kids cooking over the campfire

A small, safe cooking set allows kids to participate in campfire cooking activities under supervision. Or, if your kids are bigger, you can give them the opportunity to be in charge of cooking dinner on one night of your trip.


Binoculars can enhance their nature-watching experience, allowing them to observe birds and other wildlife. Kids binoculars are much cheaper than you might think. Even binoculars for older children aren’t too bad. I just bought my 16 year old this pair for just $30.

Hiking Boots or Shoes

I am a big believer that quality shoes are a necessity in life, whether we are talking about young kids or adults. This is especially true for outdoor activities. A sturdy pair of hiking boots or shoes that fit well will make walks and hikes more comfortable for kids.

Bug Catcher Kit

Encourage their curiosity about insects and small creatures with a bug-catching kit.

Water Bottle

A durable, kid-friendly water bottle is essential for staying hydrated during outdoor activities.

​If you have a teen, you are likely going to want to grab them a larger and highly sought-after water bottle (think Hydroflask, Yeti, or Stanley), they will love it!

Camping Journal

A camping journal or sketchbook allows kids to document their outdoor experiences and observations.

Reusable Snack Bags

Environmentally friendly, reusable snack bags are practical for carrying trail mix or other snacks.

Camping-themed Clothing

Fun camping-themed clothing like a T-shirt with a camping design or a hat with a sunshield can add to the excitement.

Walkie Talkies

Walkie talkies are fun “toys” for kids of all ages. I put toys in quotes, because these can also be a useful tool for outdoors enthusiasts. For little campers, I would get a fun little set of walkie talkies like these ones, but for older campers I would step it up to get some better quality ones. 

Pocket Knife

Okay, so a pocket knife might not be an ideal gift for little kids, but for older kids, a knife makes a great camping gift. If you have outdoorsy kids, it is important to teach them skills that go along with outdoor life and this does require knowledge of tools such as a pocket knife. 

Fishing Pole

Kids fishing

Is fishing a part of your camping plans? Fishing can be a fun way to source your own food and there is something extra yummy about cooking fresh caught fish over a campfire. There are some really great kid-focused fishing poles out there!  

These are some of our favorite gifts for adventurous kids. Remember to consider the age and interests of the child when selecting a camping gift, and prioritize safety in all choices. These gifts can help foster a love for the outdoors and create lasting memories for the young adventurer.

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