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Have you ever wondered where you can find the most magical Christmas towns in the Pacific Northwest?

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Do you live in the Pacific Northwest, or are you planning to be in the area this holiday season? First of all, let’s just say YAY! There is no better place to be during the holiday season. The Pacific Northwest has some amazing towns that really know how to celebrate the holidays.

christmas town

Except for a short 1 and a half year period when I was a small child, I have lived in the Oregon/Washington area my entire life. Plus, I just happen to love Christmas. The combination of the two means that I am also very familar with some of the best and most magical Chrsitmas towns in the Pacific Northwest. I am going to tell you about some of my favorites here. If I have missed any, please let me know, because I definitely want to check them out this Christmas!

If you want to stick around the Portland area, check out where you can find the best holiday light displays.

The Most Magical Christmas Towns in the Pacific Northwest

Leavenworth, Washington

Nestled into the Cascade Mountains in Central Washington you will find the most unique and charming Bavarian mountain town. Leavenworth, Washington is truly the most magical Christmas town in all of the Pacific Northwest and perhaps, the country. Walking through this town feels a little like you are walking through a Christmas themed snow globe.

In addition to the beautiful backdrop and landscape of Leavenworth, you will also find a reindeer farm, a nutracker museum and you can even take sleigh rides in the snow! The town also holds Christmas lighting ceremonies each weekend day for the first 3 weeks of December.

I live in Western Oregon and I have many nearby friends and family who make the 6-hour drive to Leavenworth every single holiday season.

Silverton, Oregon

Okay, so this one is more of a part of the city. The Oregon Garden Resort puts on the incredibly popular Christmas in the Garden at the Silverton Christmas Market. This post talks all about the great things you can see and do at Christmas in the Garden!

Newport, Oregon

No, you won’t find any snow here in this Central Oregon coastal town. Okay, you most likely will not find any snow here…anything is possible I guess. You will though, find a couple of incredibly unique Christmas happenings.

First and foremost, Newport is home to the Sea of Lights celebration at the Oregon Coast Aquarium. The aquarium is outfitted with over a half a million lights, awesomely decorated aquatic displays and even a scuba Santa. As an added bonus sure to make you feel good this holiday season, they accept food donations. Last year raised almost 7,000 pounds of food to distribute to local, needy families!

Anyone that lives in Newport or is nearby during the weekend of December 7th this year (2019), needs to make their way down to the historic Bayfront. This is where you will see the gorgeous display of festively decorated boats lighting up the water for the annual Lighted Boat Parade.

Sumpter, Oregon

The tiny town of Sumpter, Oregon is home to just 200 residents, but boy does it know how to throw a Christmas party! It is here that you will find a Christmas train that makes you feel like you are traveling back in back in time. Throughout your steam-powered train ride you can enjoy free cocoa or coffee while you ride through the winter wonderland that is Baker County, Oregon.

Once your train ride is over, you can head on over to the Holiday Bazaar and shop for unique and one of a kind gifts. This holiday bazaar has gotten so popular that they now have two locations.

Shelton, Washington

Shelton, Washington has come to be known as Christmas Town, USA. What better place to spend your holiday than in Christmas town, am I right?

Shelton is home to so many Christmas tree farms that it is named itself the “Christmas Tree Capitol” of the country. Shelton is widely known for it’s festive 32′ Santa Clause that welcomes visitors to Christmastown.

Hood River, Oregon

Hood River is one of Oregon’s most magical Christmas towns. Hood River is also home to the Mt. Hood Christmas Train which is arguably one of the most popular holiday attractions in all of Oregon. This Christmas train features elves that walk up and down the aisles singing songs, handing out treats and helping Santa hand out gifts to children.

Stanwood, Washington

Stanwood, Washington is home to more than a million twinkling holiday lights placed throughout 15 acres at Warm Beach Camp. Throughout the rest of the town you will be treated with more light displays, plenty of children’s activities, craft fairs, holiday shopping, holiday treats, and you can even stay in a holiday themed lodge!

Portland, Oregon

While Portland can’t exactly call itself a “town,” you simply cannot miss a trip to Portland during the holiday season. From Peacock Lane (seriously…among the best holiday light displays in the state), to the endless Christmas fir trees, many holiday brews and there is even a Santa Convention!

In case you didn’t find enough stuff to keep you busy in Portland during your visit, you can also head down to the Willamette River or the Columbia River and check out the Christmas Ship parade! These parades happen from December 5th through the 22nd.

Before you head out on your Christmas Town Road Trip, be sure that you have everything you need! Do you want to hit some sledding hills while you are out on your winter adventures? Check out some of the best places to go sledding in Oregon.

Did I miss any? Let me know if you can think of any other Christmas towns that I need to add to this list.

Really quick note: If you are in the Oregon region of the Pacific Northwest, be sure to check out this awesome list of Christmas Light Displays near Salem too. I’m all about taking in all of the Christmas vibes.

If you are planning a trip somewhere else throughout the United States, check out this article highlighting some of the best Christmas towns in the country.

christmas towns in the pacific northwest
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