10 Things To Know About Oregon’s Enchanted Forest

When you first think of Oregon, the first thing that comes to mind are scenic surroundings and a vast amount of trees. That’s what Oregon is known for. The beautiful greenery and magical nature. There really is nothing better. Maybe that’s why Oregon’s most popular theme park is based around exactly that. The Enchanted Forest is a theme park aptly named to match its surroundings. 

The Enchanted Forest is located about seven miles south of Salem, Oregon. The theme park offers carnival-style rides as well as colorfully decorated themed areas. The Enchanted Forest is a popular choice for children of all ages as well as adults.

10 Things To Know About Oregon’s Enchanted Forest

If you have ever been to a fairy tale park before you will have some idea of what the Enchanted Forest Amusement Park is like except this park has some rides too.

How the Enchanted Forest Began

Forged from the imagination of Roger Tofte, the Enchanted Forest is a little amusement park with lots to do. The Tofte family still runs Enchanted Forest, as it has since opening the park in the 1970s. Visit Oregon’s Enchanted Forest with the directions provided here.

Roger Tofte first purchased the land the Enchanted Forest now sits on in the early 1960s. He purchased the original 20 acres for $5,000 and began construction in 1964. After seven years of construction, the Enchanted Forest first opened on August 8, 1971. At the time of opening, admission was $1 for adults and 50 cents for children.

Enchanted Forest Park Schedule 

The Enchanted Forest opens at 10 a.m. every day and closes between 5 to 7 p.m. during the summer months, depending on the day. This is a seasonal park, however, and you can expect it to be shut down from October through April, with only weekends open during May and September. 

Rides start operating at 10:30 a.m.     

Check the Enchanted Forest’s website for hours and dates and plan a trip accordingly. It is a seasonal park, not open all year, and busiest on the weekends.

Where is Enchanted Forest?

Enchanted Forest is located 7 miles southeast of Salem, Oregon outside of the small town of Turner. 

How to Visit Turner, Oregon’s Enchanted Forest

To get to the Enchanted Forest, take exit 248, Sunnyside-Turner. Head east on Delaney. Turn right into Enchanted Way. Continue one-half mile where you see the Enchanted Forest theme park on the left-hand side.

Purchase general admission tickets at the gate. The park accepts Visa and MasterCard. Visitors can enjoy the rides by purchasing either individual tickets or a ride bracelet for an additional fee.

Attractions at Enchanted Forest.

In addition to nine carnival-style rides, there also are four themed areas, a water light show, and a comedy theater. The four themed areas include Storybook Lane, Western Town, Haunted House, and English Village.

Enchanted Forest Rides

The Enchanted Forest Amusement Park is a pay-as-you-go park, meaning that you pay for each ride. You also have to pay for admission. As of the time of this posting, admission is $25 for adults, $22 for kids 3-12, and under 3 is free. Even if you do not go on any rides there is plenty to do and see that is free including some fun slides that kids will love. 

Rides cost 3-5 tickets. Tickets cost $1. You can also get unlimited day tickets for $24 for kids and adults= above 40 inches but under is only $17. Again, that price is on top of the admission price.

Big Timber Log Ride

In my opinion, the Big Timber Log Ride is the best ride at Enchanted Forest! You’ll cruise through an old logging mill, through the trees, and end in a 40-foot drop to a fun splashdown! 

You will definitely get wet on this ride though so be prepared. You can buy a poncho if you want (1 ticket). Be sure to check out the photo booth on your way out. You might want to take home photo evidence of the fun you had. 

This ride requires 5 tickets. 

Ice Mountain Bobsled Roller Coaster

This roller coaster is 100 feet tall and over 1600 feet long. This was the park’s first ride, which opened in 1983. The ride itself is 2.5 minutes long and features fun turns, drops, and hops. 

This ride requires 5 tickets. 

Challenge of Mondor

This is a fun interactive target-shooting adventure ride! The ride keeps your score for you while you adventure through it battling to save the day! 

This ride requires 5 tickets.

Speedway Bumper Cars

If you love the thrill of the race or some good bumper car action, this ride is for you! Bump your friends out of the way as you race in this classic bumper car arena. 

This ride requires 4 tickets. 

Haunted House

Do you love haunted houses? This is a great one! Are you brave enough?

This ride requires 4 tickets.


Pick from pigs, ostriches, horses, and rabbits, or grab a bench seat to take a whirl on this lovely carousel surrounded by nature. 

This ride requires 3 tickets. 

Kids Rides

The kids-only rides include the following:

  • Kiddy Frog Hopper
  • Up and Away Ferris Wheel
  • Tiny Tune Train
  • Kiddy Bumper Boats

All kids’ rides are just 3 tickets per ride.

Non-Ride Attractions at Enchanted Forest

Don’t get me wrong, the rides at Enchanted Forest are awesome, but there are lots of things to experience besides rides. Here are some of the fan favorites:

Storybook Lane

Storybook Lane is like a traditional fairy tale town. There are fun slides and scenes from fairy tales. If you have young kids with you, you’ll definitely want to take them through Storybook Lane. You’ll find fun interactive fairy tale creations like the gingerbread house from Hansel and Gretel, a slide from the Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe, and a maze and rabbit hole from Alice in Wonderland.

Western Town

Western Town is fun with underground caves which include a really long and fun slide even adults will want to try out. This attraction also features a fort to explore and play in, and an Indian area too. 

English Village

The English Village is similar to Storybook Lane with more animatronic scenes of fairy tales. There is also a fun haunted house walk-through attraction that is free. You can also see a cool water light show that repeats every 15 minutes that is worth seeing. There is also a theater to see shows.

Do You Need More Than One Day to Visit Enchanted Forest?

Enchanted Forest is a theme park that can easily be enjoyed in just one day. Of course, you can visit as many days as you would like, but one day is just right for enjoying all of the attractions and rides. 

Tips for Your Visit to Enchanted Forest

Bring Food

You can buy food at the park, but if you are hoping to save money, you can bring food with you! There are picnic tables and benches throughout the park, so you can find a spot to enjoy a picnic lunch. 

Bring Lots of Water

Summer days can get hot and there will be some walking so be sure to stay hydrated. 

Wear Comfortable Walking Shoes

Lots of walking, and lots of inclines, this is not a place to wear uncomfortable shoes. 

Wear Clothes that You are Happy to Get Wet

If you ride the log ride, you are going to get wet. Don’t forget to dress accordingly. 

Here are some other fun things to do with kids in Salem, Oregon.

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