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Ultimate Camp Set Up Tips for Beginners

Ultimate Camp Set Up Tips

So, you have all your gear packed, you know what food you will make, and you are ready to head out on your first camping adventure. What about when you get to camp, though? Are you ready for that? Well, with this Ultimate Camp Set Up Tips for Beginners, you will be! 

Before you start pitching your tent, here are a few things you need to know about setting up camp if this is your first time camping. Keep in mind that campgrounds will vary slightly, especially if you are camping at a campground vs. dispersed camping. However, most campsites are laid out somewhat similarly. 

Ultimate Camp Set Up Tips for Beginners

This list of ultimate camp set up tips for beginners is going to help you have a memorable first camping adventure! 

Know Your Campground Layout

When choosing your campsite, you need first to learn the campground layout. Where are the bathrooms? Where is the water source? Campsites are typically marked in the campground, but you can often choose which campground site you get. This means that you can position yourself closer to a bathroom or other amenities, or find one with a better view.

Many campgrounds such as Thousand Trails Campgrounds or KOA campgrounds have maps available so you can get an idea of the layout of your campground. 

Find a Flat Area to Set Up Your Tent

Choose a place to pitch your tent that is both flat and not too hard. You may have to compromise a little depending on your campsite layout, but it should be a little obvious where your tent stakes go. If you’re unsure, look at other campsites around you. They will all be laid out the same, so you can get some ideas based on where others pitched their tents!

Also be sure to check the area for rocks, roots or anything sharp. Trust me you will be glad you did!

Also, be sure to keep an eye out for bees and other pests to avoid. Check out this post for tips on how to get rid of bees while camping.

Lay Out Your Campsite Items Before It Gets Dark

Take advantage of your daylight hours to set up camp! Go ahead and start laying out your items and preparing to store the items that need to be packed away for the night. In the event that it gets dark while you are still setting up camp, it’ll be good to have everything where you can easily find it. 

Think About How The Weather Will Impact Your Campsite

Be sure and check the weather before you start setting up camp. If you are expecting rain, you can choose high ground for your tent. Be careful where there are large amounts of dirt as these will turn to mud in the rain!  If you are expecting wind, you’ll know to get your tent stakes securely. 

Also, be sure to pack tarps (set them up before the rain hits) and keep rain gear handy for sudden showers! You can’t always predict the weather, so you need to be prepared.

Common Camp Set Up Questions

How do I reserve a campsite?

You can reserve a campsite by contacting the park or campground directly, or through an online booking service. A simple Google search can typically lead you to the booking website.


Can I have a campfire at my campsite?

Campfires may be allowed at your camp site, but always check with the park or campground before lighting one. Some areas may have restrictions at various times of the year due to fire danger.

If campfires are not allowed, you are typically able to bring a propane fire pit with you such as this one. Of course, you should confirm this with the park before your trip. 

Can I bring my own firewood to a campsite?

Be sure to check with the park or campground before bringing your own firewood. It is often recommended to purchase firewood at the campground or nearby store to prevent the spread of harmful insects and diseases

Are there designated quiet hours at a campsite?

I have never been to a campground that did not have a designated quiet time. Most parks and campgrounds have designated quiet hours, usually from 10pm to 6am. 

Even if you don’t see quiet times listed, please respect your fellow campers and keep noise levels low during these times.

Can I bring my pet to a campsite?

Are you wondering whether or not you can bring your pet camping with you? Some parks and campgrounds do allow pets, but not all of them. Those that do may have certain restrictions or requirements. Always check with the park or campground before bringing your pet.

Are there bathrooms and showers at a campsite?

Whether or not you will have bathrooms and showers available will depend on whether you are dispersed camping or camping at a campground. Not all campgrounds offer bathrooms and even fewer offer showers as well. Be sure and check with the park or campground before your visit to see what is available.

As a beginner, camping can be intimidating and a bit overwhelming, but these tips should help make your trip easier. When your camp preparation is easier, your trip can be far less stressful and a lot more fun!

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