7 Fun Facts About Trees of Mystery in Klamath, CA

Paul bunyan and babe

Have you been wanting to finally get a look at the magnificent trees that you’ve heard so much about in Northern California? Many people think that in order to see giant redwoods, you have to go to the Redwood National Park in Crescent City, but as it turns out, you really only need to go a short way past the Oregon border to experience the state’s tallest trees in the most unique of ways. Trees of Mystery in Klamath, California is a fun place to experience the coast redwoods on a road trip to remember. 

We took this road trip a few years ago and we had so much fun! Trees of Mystery is located in a forest of Redwoods. Per the company website, Trees of Mystery is “California’s premier nature attraction on the North Coast!” That is for good reason. This is a great place to not only enjoy nature but to experience some fun, quirky roadside attractions along the way! 

7 Fun Facts About Trees of Mystery in Klamath, CA

Trees of Mystery Has Been Open for Over 75 Years

Trees of Mystery opened up in 1946. Since then they have been educating visitors about the Redwood Forest and all about the famous legend of Paul Bunyan too! It has truly been a unique gem in the Pacific Northwest for years! 

​Paul Bunyan and Babe Welcome You From Highway 101

Highway 101 is one of the nation’s most famous highways, and now you know that along your Highway 101 drive, you can receive a warm welcome from giant statues of Paul Bunyan and his blue ox Babe. 

These giant redwood statues are massive. Here are some of their impressive stats:

Paul Bunyan

At 30,000 pounds, the tall statue of Paul Bunyan stands at 49’2′ tall. His waist is 52 feet around and his chest is 66 feet around! His arms are measured at 27 feet each. Even his feet are gigantic with his boots being over 10 feet tall! 


Babe is huge too! The Blue Ox measures 35 feet tall at the top of his horns. The Babe statue also weighs roughly 30,000 pounds.

The statues are located in the parking lot outside of Trees of Mystery, so theoretically you can stop to visit these two without actually experiencing the rest of this great roadside attraction (I don’t recommend it though! It’s worth checking out the rest! 

You Can Glide Through the Tree Tops on the Gondola Ride Skytrail

skytrail view trees of mystery

Trees of Mystery is home to a 1/3 mile Skytrail Gondola ride. Along this ride, you get to experience the tree tops and amazing views from 100s of feet in the air. There are 8 Gondola cars to ride, each of these cars continuously makes the approximately 10-minute ride throughout the day. You’ll climb close to 1600 feet up the mountain, coming to an end at a great observation deck at the top of the sky tram that offers spectacular views, especially on a clear day. We loved this unique sky ride experience!

child looking out over trees of mystery sky trail

​The sky lift is an amazing experience, but those who are afraid of heights might not like this one too much. 

The Skytrail is included in the price of entrance to Trees of Mystery. 

There are Informational Displays Along the Way

Throughout the trails, you’ll find informational displays located near many of the unique trees. These displays might offer some educational or scientific insight into the trees or they may tell a story about that particular tree.

​We loved learning as we walked along the trail. 

You Can Get Married at Trees Of Mystery

cathedral tree

Looking for a unique wedding venue? Trees of Mystery offers its Cathedral Tree for wedding ceremonies. The Cathedral Tree is a collection of nine living trees that grow perfectly together to create a semicircle. 

The site can accommodate up to 60 guests and the area is closed down for your ceremony. 

​The End of the Trail Collection Features The World’s Largest Privately Owned Collection of Artifacts and History of the first Americans

The Marylee Thompson Smith Collection is one of the greatest private collections of artifacts from early Americans. This collection is free to visitors and offers a stunning look at the history of the area and its people. 

Trees of Mystery is Open Year Round

​Trees of Mystery is open year-round. You can visit Paul Bunyan and his Ox, you can go hiking on the over 1-mile interpretive trail, or even check out the Marylee Thompson Smith Collection throughout the year. Some attractions are subject to weather-related closures, however.

At the time of this posting, the admission fee for Trees of Mystery is as follows:

Age 13-59: $25

Age 60+: $23

​Age 3-12: $13

Age 0-2: FREE

Love the hiking trails here? Just for fun, be sure and read all about these Fun Facts About Hiking!

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